“All of the horses progress is never just down to the rider or training but also the invaluable contribution of the wider team. I have worked with Dee for a few years now….she plays an important part in my horses progress and success and I’m very grateful to her. Dee also shows you exercises to transform your core; something we work on a lot together that helps immensely with my riding…She also loves the horses ….and is incredible at what she does“

Charlotte Dujardin (CBE)

Triple Gold Medalist at the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympics Games, European Champion, World Champion and holds all three World Records in Dressage.

“Seeing Dee myself with an old injury, it was great to be able to refer on some of the riders I train in confidence. Dee will ask the riders what I am concentrating on with them and they will tell me what Dee has found with them and their horses, so it works well for everyone. As a judge rider and trainer, I’m looking for the horse and rider to be working together, so it’s good to know Dee will help with what I am finding and keeping both in top condition”.

Peter Storr

International Dressage Judge, Rider and Trainer

“Dee has been working with me and my horses for many years now and has traveled with me to many int competitions. All my horses have such different temperaments and have to be handled very differently and Dee works with them as individuals. One of my horses is very sharp but she manages to calm her and this really helps before her dressage as she can get very tense. Dee treats me and I feel a lot better afterwards as riding so many can make the body sore. I trust her with my horses and recommend her highly.”

Astier Nicolas

International Event Rider - Rio 2016 Gold and Silver Olympic Medalist - Team France

Very excited to have had such a fab session with Dee, feeling amazing and ready to take on the world! Sooki got in on the act too and had a great session with the super talented Dee. We are both so excited to be working with Dynamic along with some other very prestigious horses and riders whilst in the Gloucestershire area!.

Natasha Baker MBE

Current Double Paralympic Gold Medallist and Triple European Gold Medalist. , Para Dressage. GB.

“Dee is a smart and intelligent individual, always happy in her nature and was very approachable, going out of her way to make the grooms and riders from other nations feel very comfortable and safe in their competition setting….she made my life easier”

London 2012 Stable Manager

London 2012 Olympics Games

“I have been lucky enough to use many top physio’s during my years on the World Class Programme and at team championships and throughout my career so far.
I was seriously impressed when meeting Dee as she has huge attention and a rare gift at instantly recognising what we need as riders and for our horses. She has made a huge difference after just a few treatments

Sharon Hunt Eventing

Olympian and International Event Rider

“The improvement has been fantastic. She takes a real interest in all the horses and takes time to get to know them before and during treatment. Not only is the day interesting and fun but the follow up discussions we have between each session are very helpful and reassuring. I’m very pleased to have Dee working with my team of horses as we pursue are goals to show and really feel with the support of Dee we are making so much progress.”

Camilla Bingham

Puttenham Place - International Showjumper

“Dee has been a great asset to the team that help keep my horses eventing, especially as I work in a professional job and am often not at the yard during the week. My horses compete at BE Intermediate level and have some 3*S this autumn. Dee regularly assess and treats them, and will liaise with my dressage and jump coaches when necessary. She is also prepared to attend internationals for them to have treatment when required so that they are at their best. 

I am very grateful for Dee’s help in managing the horses – I used to be a human physiotherapist and I appreciate how important this aspect is to keep the horses happy whilst competing at a high level”.
Dr Katy-Ann Rowe BDS (Hons) BSc MJDF


“Dee is not only brilliant at contributing to improving both mine and my horses performance in the Dressage ring but also is the loveliest person, who genuinely wants you to improve and succeed. She is a great asset to mine and my horses team and is helping us to reach the top levels of our sport”

Olivia Oakeley

Olivia Oakeley - International Dressage Rider

“Dee has made a huge difference in the lives of my daughter Eleanor and her dressage horse Vinnie. Dee is passionate about what she does, she’s professional and kind. I can’t thank her enough for the changes she has made to their partnership, and her on going help and support. I would not hesitate for a second in recommending Dee , she’s fantastic..”

The Evans Family

“Working with horses, teaching and training – being on your feet all day and staying energetic and focused requires being fit and well. I also take part in Triathlons to support my riding fitness. Dee has been part of my support team to keep me fit, strong, supple and functioning to the best of my ability. I love my regular visits and my body feels the immediate benefit too. This allows me to continue with my training, stay fit, healthy and injury free. I have Dee to thank for this..

Jo Winfield

BHS fellow and International Coach, UK

Dee’s equine knowledge is advanced for her age, which combined with her passion and unbridled enthusiasm provides a valuable combination. Dee’s dedication, commitment and professionalism have been highly commendable, and I am sorry she will not be able to fully appreciate the impact of her short tenure, as I believe she has created a successful platform for the future..”

General Manager of Indigo Bay Island Resort and Spa


Thank you so much to Dee  for her knowledge and treatment. Riding at European level it’s really important that I look after myself as well as my horses. It’s easy to focus on the horses needs and forget about how your own imbalance could be affecting the horse. Dee looks at everything and is so thorough, I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Victoria Appleyard

International Swedish Dressage Rider , Sweden

“My sessions with Dee always leave me walking away feeling great! She is not only knowledgeable and professional, but friendly & always searching for ways to help with recovery or maintain correct functional movement. She helped me a HUGE amount when I suffered a back injury from a fall from a young horse and my riding position has also seen improvements!

Not only do I receive regular sessions from Dee, but my horse loves his too and feels so relax afterwards! I highly recommend Dee for any human or equine sports therapy related issues and can’t wait for my next session!”

Ste Caley

Dressage Rider

“This woman has completely changed me in the last few months. If you don’t believe me, then pay attention to Mrs God (Charlotte D-JD)..who has been using her for years…I also don’t know what you have done to Des yesterday but he was the best he’s ever been today, thank you… Get in while you can.

Shiwon Green

NZ Dessage Rider

“Dee is fantastic at what she does, aswell as being a lovely person, she is so passionate about what she does, when she treated one of my horses for a torn hamstring she did an amazing job aswell as reassuring me, her passion for ensuring my horse had the right care and rehabilitation meant so much to me, she is a very important part of my horses wellbeing and I can’t recommend her enough.
Thanks Dee..”

AW Showjumping


Dee is very passionate about her work and truly loves being around the horses. Since Dee has been working with my horse I have seen great improvements and my horse absolutely loves her massages. I have also been able to receive massages and KT Taping from Dee and I find it very beneficial to my riding. I would recommend Dee to any horse owner who would like to see improvement in their horse as well as making themselves more comfortable while performing.”

Meaghan Marinovich

3* Event Rider, USA

“I had already had a massage from Dee and felt much softer and flexible but when she massaged my Grand Prix horse Fiano, I could not believe the difference! He found it much easier to work through on his stiffer side and for the first time in 10 years he has actually started to stretch down voluntarily – something even my trainer thought was not possible for him to achieve! Dee has also traveled with me to my trainer Carl Hesters yard and to some competitons, enabling everyone to work together. Im so impressed with Dee’s expertise and the horses just love her coming to treat them! ”

Stef Eardley

International Dressage Rider, Great Britain

“I have been working with Dee for over 6 months now and I can not rate her highly enough.
My recent biomechanic session was such good fun but above all else very insightful. Add to that my individual treatments and homework the whole package Dee offers, has all have contributed to my “3 wins” in the last two weeks.
Dee’s professional, knowledgeable, passionate attitude and has proved working with both horse and rider is priceless and with her help, you can pursue your dreams no matter how big or small....”

Samantha Lambie

Dressage Rider

I was very impressed with Dee and the service she provided. My pony can be quite nervous with unfamiliar people however she really took her time with him and made sure he was totally relaxed. Her massages have really helped my pony to keep supple as he progressed with his work. His half passes have become more free and he feels stronger and more comfortable during collected canter work and piaffe. Andalusians are known to be hot and get tense during work and he is no exception. Dee has really helped to relieve his tightness and his stretching is now much better..”


Dressage Rider , UK

“Great session with Dee! She has worked hard on my back, shoulders and neck so I can be as supple as possible for the Nationals..I would highly recommend Dee, especially to paras in the Gloucestershire area, she has a huge range of skills to benefit both training and maximise competition results…she knows her stuff!”

Zoe Squirrel

Para Dressage Rider, UK

“Seeing Dee is the equivalent to a week in Menorca. Dee your skill at finding the problem areas is remarkable. I saw you this morning and was in a lot of tight, stressed out pain and now it is so much better just after one session. Thank you from the bottom of my much improved back/ neck/ shoulders...”


All round rider

‘Dee is fantastic for both human and equine. Really don’t know how we have coped without her before being recommended’

Silvretta Stud Yard Manager

Stud, Great Britain

“Dee has really made a difference to my riding by helping straighten me out and untie my knots ….she certainly knows her stuff and gives lots of helpful exercises and advice. Shes open and honest and will tell you what she thinks..something I’m very grateful for as it’s improved not only my riding but my life generally this year. Priceless! ”


Endurance Rider, Great Britain

“I can’t recommend Dee enough; she has worked with me to improve my riding. She has taken time to understand my medical condition to maximise the help she can give. She has been releasing the tightness round my hip to help me ride my best in my para dressage competitions. She has also been taping my weak knees with kinesiology tape to improve their stability for while I am riding.”


Grade 2 Para Dressage Rider

“Dee provides a very professional and knowledgeable service, ensuring a tailor-made treatment programme to suit your individual needs. She not only wants to help with muscular symptoms, but also improve your core strength and stability to make you more effective in the saddle. Since being treated by Dee my shoulder and neck have been far more comfortable and my balance and core strength have improved considerably. I’d recommend her all day long!


All Rounder

I would highly recommend Dynamic Sports Therapy for every horse owner, particularly for performance horses. Just like all competitive horses, mine had minor stiffness and muscle pain but thankfully having regular sessions with Dee, visible improvement was seen and demonstrated in competition results! Big thanks!”..”



Cannot recommend Dee highly enough. I can honestly say since Dee starting treating my 18 year old boy, Louie, earlier this year, we have had the best competitive summer ever. Being a veteran horse, I have found that Dee’s regular massages have really helped the stiffness etc associated with the older horse.  Louie was particularly tight over his back and he is now a different horse. I have just started having sessions with Dee myself. She is working hard on scar tissue which has resulted from a riding accident just over a year ago where I sustained a double open tib and fib fracture.


Eventer, UK

I started using Dee a few weeks after I came out of hospital from a broken tibia which had plastic surgery. Dee came to my house as I was house bound. With her help I have progressed so much faster than anyone could ever of thought. I’m now back driving, riding and also started competing. This all due to Dee and her massages and knowledge. She has also treated my mare, Dee again with her patentice and knowledge has helped her too. But the best thing that came out of meeting Dee is my husband and his understanding of how good massage is! to start he just thought it was a waste and what would it achieve! Then when he had a bad muscle spasm just before the a 1/2 marathon this year, who did he ask to help him…. Dee, so she now treats all 3 of us. Thank you so much Dee I wouldn’t be doing what I do without you. Not bad for someone who broke their leg 5 months ago!


All Rounder, UK

“Fantastic sports therapist for horses and riders – can’t recommend highly enough. Helped both my horse and my ballet-obssessed daughter”


All Rounder, UK

“Dee has been wonderful with both me and my horse and I would highly recommend her to anyone! After fitting my horse in very last minute after he was unsound she has been very flexible and accommodating to make appointments with and has really helped me with my back – having been to see many different specialists I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere with it. Thank you Dee!”


All Rounder , UK

“I am absolutely thrilled with Dee who works with my Haflinger mares and my daughters little welsh pony. I now have regular massages too and Dee has helped me become more even and much straighter, and I am now more aware of a better posture and balance.  Funnily enough, my one horse had exactly the same issues as I did and I now feel we now work more efficiently and straighter. Dee is very knowledgable and has made a massive change to my horses mucle tone. I know she gets immense pleasure from seeing us improve month on month even though we do not compete at a high level”.


Dressage, UK

When Dee started treating my horse I had just started riding her again after an injury, she was therefore quite stiff and being massaged helped her a lot getting back into work. My horse is usually quite anxious and will never stand still, it was very impressive to see her so relaxed during her massage sessions..”


All round rider, Italy

“Dee is fantastic at treating both horse and rider, and enabling you to improve your riding and therefore your horse’s way of going. She uses innovative products, has lots of experience and is always at the forefront of new techniques and research.”


Eventer, UK

“After always seeing and admiring Dee’s riding at Hartpury, I have seen Dee’s business grow and develop, along with her features in H&H and working with top class riders made it a no brainer as to who I wanted to treat my horse. When my 15 year old Irish Sports Horse became stiff through his shoulder and tight over his back, I wrote it off down to old age.. But after only 2 treatments, he is a feeling so different already. Recent eventing results prove it! I would recommend her over and over again. She is shortly due to treat my boyfriend, an avid cricket player and field master with a hip injury, he is very much looking forward to feeling better! Thank you for all of your help Dee, looking forward to seeing you soon.”


Eventer, UK

“Can’t thank Dee enough for all her hard work and brilliant advice. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thanks for everything Dee.”


ShowJumper, UK

“The one person that has finally got me pain free. Lovely and fantastic highly recommend for both horse and rider :)”


Eventer, UK

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