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Jo Hansford Photography

I met Jo through a mutual friend at her launch evening at Whatley Manor, I was in love with her images and just clicked with Jo and her husband Nic from the offset! I think its really important in any job to be passionate about what you do and always keen for new thoughts and ideas – Jo is just that! I am very fortunate to work with Jo and have pictures of a lifetime, and are used for the vast majority of this website, and around my house! Jo has such enthusiasm and a love for horses, that is so refreshing and brilliant to work with. She brings the pictures to life!


After using RockTape on riders and horses for a number of years, and seeing and hearing from clients the extreme benefits to both, it was incredibly exciting to start a partnership with such a fantastic company. RockTape prides themselves on taping for movement and ‘ going ‘stronger for longer’, and some of the differences I have seen have been remarkable. Kinesiology taping is often seen on Olympic and recreational athletes, so it is great to bring it over into the equestrian world! For riders it is particularly great for postural awareness and keeping them at their peak at shows. For horses, its great for proprioceptive awareness and helping them out where needed. I use it all the time and clients are always amazed at the results it gives them and their horses.

Perform Better

Continuing to lead the field in being the UK’s most innovative & comprehensive suppliers, supplying the likes of Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Saracens and Wasps, of performance training and monitoring equipment. I feel privileged to have them on board the business. Equestrian sport is along way behind in this field and stretching, strengthening and monitoring is key for performance. All my client receive a personalised equestrian specific programme and it is great working with such premium products.  All of my clients receive an exclusive 20% discount off their products with a unique code.

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