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Rider Fitness Programme

Week One

Hip Extensions

Wall Squats

Hip Flexor Release

Week Two

Hip Extensions On Ball

Swan Dive


Week Three

Banded Clam

Lower Back Strength


Week Four

Banded Chop

Rollout on Ball

V Sits

Week Five

Bosu Squat

Chin Tuck

Lunge on Beam

Week One – Core Stability

Week Two – Flexibility

Week Three – Leg Strength

Week Four – Abdominals

Week Five – Improve your Balance

Week Six – Improve your upper body position

From Dee’s Blog…

Jo Hansford Shoot

It was by chance that I got to meet Jo and her wonderful husband Nic at their launch evening at Whatley Manor. I was overwhelmed at how personal every photo was, from being with and working around horses all my life I think it’s hard for a “horsey person” to try and...

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