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Jo Hansford Shoot

by | May 9, 2014 | Sponsors


It was by chance that I got to meet Jo and her wonderful husband Nic at their launch evening at Whatley Manor. I was overwhelmed at how personal every photo was, from being with and working around horses all my life I think it’s hard for a “horsey person” to try and describe to someone “non-horsey” person why we put so much effort into these animals and the bond that can be gained. Jo’s photos capture this and I really think my personality and what Dynamic Sports Massage is all about is captured too – working with both equine and rider to combine and strengthen them in such a dynamic sport.

Below is my message to Jo and Nick,

I am overwhelmed at how beautiful these photos are! I feel so incredibly lucky that we met as I couldn’t have asked for better photographers. I’ve only known you Jo for a short while and Nic it was wonderful to meet you properly on the shoot – but I feel like I’ve known you forever haha! I think it’s how comfortable you make people feel and that’s how you get such amazing photos as there personal and my personality is reflected in every photo along with what my business is all about.

They always say never work with animals – but for equine shoots you guys are perfect! As we were all aware some of my equine participants in the shoot were a little ‘hot’ at times which is what you get with a lot of competition horses, but you’re laid back attitude reflected onto me and them, which is just so important for equine shoots!

An incredible day with two incredible people which I’m just so privileged to have got to know and had my photos taken by. I can’t thank you enough!

Dynamic Human and Equine Sports Massage

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