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Dee So’oialo (née Holdsworth) at Dynamic Sports Performance, has an in-depth understanding of anatomy and the interaction of bones, joints and muscles, that are the basis of the proven physical and mental therapy that is soft tissue therapy. Trained to the highest of standards and one of only 20 in the UK to specialise in fascial manipulation, chair of ESMA and working with some of the best horses, riders and trainers in the world. Dee’s understanding of the sport and what is required at the highest of levels from both horse and rider, aids optimal athletic performance both as individual athletes and together as a combination. 


Equine Soft Tissue Therapy

60% of the horses body weight is muscle and small muscle injuries can take up to 90 days to become apparent by which time they may have caused more serious injury. Regular maintenance is a key part of a horses health and performance, in order to keep them working at their best.  Horses competing internationally are often seen weekly or every fortnight and other competitive horses on a regular basis dependent on their competition programme.  Every horse is different and sessions are tailored to suit both horse and rider. 

Rider Soft Tissue Therapy

Competitive riders undoubtedly encounter soft tissue problems at some stage, sometimes due to either/or the amount of horses they are riding, stress, injury etc. Dee works to maintain those riders at their peak performance through trying to prevent these problems occuring, or atleast reduce the risk of recurrence, by providing a regular programme of sport tissue therapy and exercises. This may include in the training period, pre-event, inter-event and post-event soft tissue work,  accompanied by mobilisation techniques, stretching and rider performance based exercises.

Rider and Equine Performance

At all levels in equestrian sport, but particularly at elite level, a riders fitness is as important as the horses. Equestrian sport is unique in that it relies on two athletes, of which both rely on one another working at their optimum. Dee and Ben work with both the horse and the rider through biomechanics, video analysis, strength and conditioning and programmes to gather all information and help work on weaknesses found in treatments, enabling horse and rider to help one another, maximising performance capabilities. 

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Very excited to have had such a fab session with Dee, feeling amazing and ready to take on the world! Sooki got in on the act too and had a great session with the super talented Dee. We are both so excited to be working with Dee along with some other very prestigious horses and riders whilst in the Gloucestershire area!

Natasha Baker MBE

“Dee and her strength and conditioning partner Ben are working with myself and the horses, including biomechanics to keep us all on the road and keeping me fit, strong and mobile throughout pregnancy, so that I can stay comfortable for as long as possible and get back in the saddle ready for my 2019 campaign!”

“So excited to keep working with them both to see how strong I can get”

Lara Butler

National Dressage Champion

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