ESMA Chairmanship & a busy 2015 so far

ESMA Chairmanship & a busy 2015 so far

It’s been a tad too long since my last blog – apogies! 2015 has been HECTIC! From Jan 3rd Ive been seeing many of my wonderful clients & thier horses and its only going to get busier! The highlight of the year & one of my career is that I have newly been elected as Chairman of the Equine Sports Massage Assocaition. I am so honoured to have been elected and am looking forward to ESMA’s future with so many exciting things going on.

I also got a new sponsored rider on board to complete the lineup, as I was missing the showjumper! Who better than one of the worlds leading lady riders – Tina Fletcher! Tina also has some of the best horses on the circuit and I look forward to working with her & her horses. My other amazing sponsored riders are doing very well and again its going to be a very busy time with them, Robert & Claire are prepping for the upcoming season, Stef is competing Ruxton Pinocolada at Hartpury Winter Champs & Astiers out & about with his large string & keeping on track for Rio 2016.

Very excitingly I have gained a new sponsor – Perform Better – the UK’s most innovative & leading supplier of training products & all my clients get a discount from their premuim products!

I have also invested in a very expensive 🙁 …but very good machine – a Deep Oscillation unit. It works on the electrostatic fields within the tissue itself some 8cm deep and very good for some of the conditions I cant help solely with my hands. So have a look on the website under services for more info on that or get in touch.

I will of course be out and about at shows and on the road so if you see me, feel free to come over and have a chat if Im not to busy.

For now take care,


I am delighted to announce that I have been elected onto the ESMA Committee

I am delighted to announce that I have been elected onto the ESMA Committee


Setting up your own business is hard! However I really have loved every minute and adore my job, particularly the equine, rider and rugby work. I hope as ESMA’s new committee member I will bring some fresh and new ideas to the committee.

Im also going to try and become a “tweeter” ha ha – just so everyone knows where I am at events and so people can come and chat if they would like. Even meet some of my sponsored riders and their horses. So keep an eye out and follow me on…


Also on a side note if there’s anything you want me to put on the website or the FB page, no matter what it may be – email me. I’m always keen to try new innovative ideas and love to know what my clients want to see or learn about.

Enjoy summer all



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