I am delighted to announce that I have been elected onto the ESMA Committee

I am delighted to announce that I have been elected onto the ESMA Committee


Setting up your own business is hard! However I really have loved every minute and adore my job, particularly the equine, rider and rugby work. I hope as ESMA’s new committee member I will bring some fresh and new ideas to the committee.

Im also going to try and become a “tweeter” ha ha – just so everyone knows where I am at events and so people can come and chat if they would like. Even meet some of my sponsored riders and their horses. So keep an eye out and follow me on…


Also on a side note if there’s anything you want me to put on the website or the FB page, no matter what it may be – email me. I’m always keen to try new innovative ideas and love to know what my clients want to see or learn about.

Enjoy summer all



Jo Hansford’s blog on our Dynamic Sports Massage photo shoot

Jo Hansford’s blog on our Dynamic Sports Massage photo shoot

Used to taking photos of the likes of Mary and Emily King, and the Spanish Riding School of Vienna – I had the most glorious day and now have the most glorious photos for my business.

See more about the shoot here.

Take a look at my blog below on the day 🙂

Jo Hansford Shoot

Jo Hansford Shoot


It was by chance that I got to meet Jo and her wonderful husband Nic at their launch evening at Whatley Manor. I was overwhelmed at how personal every photo was, from being with and working around horses all my life I think it’s hard for a “horsey person” to try and describe to someone “non-horsey” person why we put so much effort into these animals and the bond that can be gained. Jo’s photos capture this and I really think my personality and what Dynamic Sports Massage is all about is captured too – working with both equine and rider to combine and strengthen them in such a dynamic sport.

Below is my message to Jo and Nick,

I am overwhelmed at how beautiful these photos are! I feel so incredibly lucky that we met as I couldn’t have asked for better photographers. I’ve only known you Jo for a short while and Nic it was wonderful to meet you properly on the shoot – but I feel like I’ve known you forever haha! I think it’s how comfortable you make people feel and that’s how you get such amazing photos as there personal and my personality is reflected in every photo along with what my business is all about.

They always say never work with animals – but for equine shoots you guys are perfect! As we were all aware some of my equine participants in the shoot were a little ‘hot’ at times which is what you get with a lot of competition horses, but you’re laid back attitude reflected onto me and them, which is just so important for equine shoots!

An incredible day with two incredible people which I’m just so privileged to have got to know and had my photos taken by. I can’t thank you enough!

Dynamic Human and Equine Sports Massage

I am proud to announce I am taking my KT1 & KT2 with Lee Clark (Part of the Olympic team of Equine Physiotherapists working at London 2012) with fellow ESMA members

I am proud to announce I am taking my KT1 & KT2 with Lee Clark (Part of the Olympic team of Equine Physiotherapists working at London 2012) with fellow ESMA members


I will be able to offer equine kinesiolgy as of December 2013!!!! I first saw kinesio whilst working at London 2012 on so many horses, riders and athletes! Thats when I started doing a bit of research and then after 2012 I completed my human kinesiology course. Some of my clients swear by the tape and there are near to none elite human events where you wont see the tape on numerous athletes! Thats why its so fantastic that we are transfering are knowledge from one athlete to the other! In January 2013 there was the first ever equine kinesio course, my course is now fully booked up too! Like many, I believe Equine Kinesio is going to be the next big thing in equestrian sport and for very good reason too – plus it can be used in training and pre and post competiiton! Below is some info on Lee and equine Kinesio Taping from Kinesio UK.

Kinesio Taping – the brightly coloured therapeutic tape beloved by athletes, was brought to the world stage at the London 2012 Olympics, but for many years in the US, it’s also been used very effectively to help reduce swelling, bruising and injuries on horses  particularly race horses and eventers.

Chartered Physiotherapist Lee Clark will be leading the new Kinesio Equine course. Lee works with both humans and horses and was chosen to be one of the elite, eight strong Olympic team of Equine Physiotherapists working at London 2012.

Lee is also the official physiotherapist for the British Endurance Team (he treats both the horses and their riders) and is a strong advocate of the benefits of Kinesio Taping for horses.

‘Typical scenarios where Kinesio will help a horse recover include muscular, tendon or ligament injury, muscle spasms, or muscle weakness after an operation or if a horse has had prolonged stable rest. Kinesio is also excellent for helping reducing scar tissue and helping reduce swelling or inflammation.

‘I mainly usually use Kinesio in conjunction with other therapies such as manual therapy, electrotherapy and massage but there’s no doubt at all that its application – as long as it’s applied by a professional and qualified practitioner – speeds up recovery in horses. Because Kinesio is lightweight, non-restrictive and fully waterproof, it also means it is comfortable for horses and they aren’t distressed whilst wearing it.’

Foal use of fetlocks and hooves corrected with Kinesio Tape.

Four recent scenarios where Lee has used Kinesio Taping to help recovery in horses include:

An event horse after surgery for ‘kissing spines’. This is a fairly common, painful equine condition often caused by an ill-fitting saddle where the bony ‘spines’ at the top of the horse’s vertebrae start to rub together, causing pain and swelling, especially on moving. This horse is now almost back to normal after around five weeks of treatment.
Tendon injuries in racehorses. Racehorses often suffer from tendon injuries and at racing stables where lee treats horses with Kinesio Taping to protect, support and strengthen their tendons from further injury while they recuperate.
Muscle weakness and wasting after fractured pelvis. In another example, a much loved family horse that fractured its pelvis was on box rest for six weeks and lost a significant amount of muscle in its quarters. Lee used Kinesio Tape in conjunction with electrical stimulation to help this and the horse has now fully recovered.
Elongated tendons in a foal. A common problem in new born foals where they rest their legs (fetlocks) on the ground rather than their hooves, leading to poor gait as they mature. Applying Kinesio Tape can help the contraction of the tendon as the foal grows. Lee successfully worked with a foal born in 2012 with this condition.

Kevin Anderson, Managing Director Kinesio UK, says: “Kinesio Taping has been used in the NHS for the effective treatment of Lymphodema – swelling of the arms, hands and legs for many years and we know it’s particularly helpful in reducing pain and swelling in everyday sprains and muscle injuries. However it’s fantastic that it’s been proven to be so successful in the treatment of animal injuries too. The ability to move freely when you’re wearing Kinesio Taping is a great advantage which is why sporting celebrities are so keen on it as you can still train whilst wearing it. For the same reason it’s great for children too.

Team France – Bronze at European Eventing Championships

Team France – Bronze at European Eventing Championships


Cross Country video of Astier and Ben in “Galleries” section of website. A quote from comenetators “the only problem is that hes not British”.



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