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Africa and Rio Olympics bound… Let the games begin!

by | May 31, 2016 | News from Dee | 0 comments

Its an incredibly exciting time for Dynamic Sports Therapy and come August 5th it will get even more, with the Rio Olympics! I am currently in Zimbabwe and fly out to South Africa later this morning and then off to Mozambique to see Mandy and Pat, of whom wrote the international best seller ‘104 horses’. I used to work for them, taking out to safari rides along the stunning Mozambique beaches, before going over to work on one of the islands. Like many folk that I met out here, they have become incredibly fond friends and I look forward to treating the horses and riding back on those beaches again. I am also meeting one of my wonderful sponsors Jo Hansford photography out there, as we are combing a holiday with some photo shoots. One will be for the fabulous Derrière Equestrian, which I am very excited about and another for Jo, as her ability to capture different types of images with the horses is phenomenal and hey, what an excuse ;). So Il keep you updated on Instagram with that and a new blog asap.

Before I left the UK, I realised that my one month out of Gloucestershire is probably a tad too long, as ‘hectic with work’ was an understatement. Of course Hartpury dressage was soon to be on, along with some key eventing and showjumping comps. But it is what it is and luckily I saw everyone, both 2 legged and 4 legged that I needed to see before I left :). It is peak season here in Africa for wildlife viewing, and I have been treated to seeing elephants left right and center, cheetah for 2 hours very close, which is incredibly rare, giraffe, wildebeest, my favorite bird, a lilac breasted roller and everything else except Rhino, which is a great shame. But due to the current poaching situation I am just pleased that they are being kept safe. Ive got t say that due to living life back in the UK to a very strict diary, it is very refreshing to not have an itinerary every day, and anyone that has been to Africa will know that nothing ever happens quickly here!

Just yesterday I saw the news that 2 of my sponsored riders, Astier Nicolas and Ben and Natasha Baker and JP were definitely off to the Rio Olympics! Im so excited for them, both Astier and Natasha are two people that have had to work extra hard to get where they are now and its an absolute privilege to work with them. Charlotte and Carl who are of course normally down the road are also all set and I wish them well, Charlotte has been in the gym a lot in preparation for the Rio Olympics and I admire her ambitious nature, along with leading the way with strength and conditioning for the rider. So all in all I am going to be very excited to be back in Gloucestershire to cheer them on, and hopefully come Japan il be heading on another plane :). I only have to look at these 2 and know that you must not dream dreams, but live them, so that is the net goal!

Right Ive got a plane to catch, so for now goodbye, love from a very excited and soon to be very tanned, Dee x


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